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Tuesday 11, January 2022 -
Thursday 17, March 2022
at 12pm GMT+1

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Every Monday at 9am GMT+1

Jumping over learning hurdles -

help your child to increase grades

Are you still fighting with your child over homework? Do you wish they would have more motivation and better grades in the future? You are not alone.

What if you could speak to your child openly, learn together, build a stronger relationship instead of drifting apart? 

Join the New Generation Parenting Mastermind and let’s jump over learning hurdles together in a judgement free zone where you can freely speak up, share your concerns, get inspired and find new ways to improve your home environment. 

The mastermind is a place to be seen and heard, openly discussing concerns about learning styles, methods, motivation, and challenges around school for parents. Discover easier and more effective ways to bring back communication, fun, joy and connection between yourself and your child. Overcome your own unhelpful beliefs around performance, school issues and parenting. Step into the role as loving supporter for your child's learning.

Where: Proudly hosted in the NG Vault. Contact me for your access details.

How much: US$ 100 per month with 75% referrer commission paid back to you

Every Friday at 5pm GMT+1 in the NG Vault
Contact me for your access details

Weekly Hypnosis Group session 1 hour.

Stress. overwhelm and anxiety put the breaks on everything and the relentless chatter in the head sucks all joy out of life

Are you
- hesitant to take action
- uncomfortable speaking up in groups
- letting opportunities pass because you are afraid what others think about you
- holding back so that others can have their way
- avoiding conflict to keep the peace
- frustrated because you know that you could be more?

There is another way! You can change those and other limiting programs within yourself to

* bring back a sense of control

* bring back a feeling of calm

* relax

* energize

* rejuvenate

* bring clarity

* increase concentration

* increase happiness

* increase focus

* increase resilience

* and create your desired success

Beat stress, overwhelm and anxiety, increase happiness, energy, productivity. Reconnect with your inner strengths and wisdom to relax and come back to your center and experience these benefits.

Where: Proudly hosted in the NG Vault.

How much: US$ 100 per month with 75% referrer commission paid back to you