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To accelarate your personal develpment leading to your desired success you have the following options to collaborate with me and other great leaders in the field of business and personal development:

Level 5: Elevation Mentorship package  Imagine what your life will be when you reach a deeper understanding and connection of yourself truly living in abundance. How much better would you feel being reconnected with gratitude and wealth for you and the people that you love and care about?

This package is for those who want to tap into their millionaire mind through Millionaire Academy, Kathleen Cameron. Kathleen Cameron is taking Napoleon Hill and Bob Proctor's teaching into the 21st century and combined with my experience of how to shift limiting belief systems in the subconscious mind your desired success is almost guaranteed!

Includes 1 weekly live group session over 3 months, 3 months Positive Prime, 3 months FlowHub7 and 3 months NG Vault subscription. @ 7500€

Level 4: Elevation package Imagine how you will feel when you reconnect to your inner wisdom and strength, overcome limiting belief systems, fears, build confidence and gain clarity about what next steps to take! Personlized 1 on 1 sessions help you carve out your unique path that is just right for you now.

Includes 3 x 1-1 sessions over 2 months, 2 months Positive Prime, 2 months FlowHub7 and 2 months NG Vault subscription.@ 695 €

Level 3: 1-1 session 1,5 hrs @ 250€

Level 2: Special discounted 1-1 session for fully paid NG Vault members @ 170€

Level 1: Become a NG Vault member and take part in one of my personally guided masterminds or masterclasses and additionally receive the live coaching/ teaching from all the other experts on the platform @100 US$ per month


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