Fill the inner void and transform your consciousness to make your life full of meaning and purpose. Be fully aligned with your core values, relationships, business and lifestyle and reach a much deeper satisfaction of being yourself, enjoying your wealth, health and happiness. Recover from or prevent burnout.

Includes discrete personalized sessions taylor made to your unique requirements over 66 days  @ 9500€

Enter the elevator to take your consciousness

all the way to the top!

To accelarate your personal development leading to your desired success you have the following options to collaborate with me and other great leaders in the field of business and personal development:

Level 5: Consciousness Transformation Are your pockets full but your heart is empty? Do you already have money, houses, cars, status symbols, prestige and deep down you feel lost, lonely, dissatisfied or empty? Longing for more, even though you already have so much wealth?

Includes Kathleen Cameron Millionaire Academy course and workbook (35 video lessons, 90 page workbook), 1 weekly live group session with me over 6 months, 12 Embodiment sessions, community support, Hypnosis track to ensure your core beliefs are empowering and in alignment with who you truly are @ 7500 €

consciousness elevator

Level 4: Millionaire Mind Mentorship  Imagine what your life will be when you reach a deeper understanding and connection of yourself truly living in abundance. How much better would you feel knowing how to align your core values with the richness of the material world while generating an income that is fully in harmony with who you are and what you are passionate about?

This mentorship program is for those who want to tap into their millionaire mindset through the unique combination of Diamond Academy Kathleen Cameron and Consciousness Elevator Antje Swart. As a licensed Diamond Academy coach I bring you a unique symbiosis of video lessons, workbook, live sessions fused with my experience of how to shift limiting belief systems in the subconscious mind -  your desired success is almost guaranteed!

Level 3: Elevation package Imagine how you will feel when you reconnect to your inner wisdom and strength, overcome limiting belief systems, fears, build confidence and gain clarity about what next steps to take! Personlized 1 on 1 sessions help you carve out your unique path that is just right for you now.

Subconscious limiting beliefs are responsible for most of the problems you will ever face. They are in the blindspots of your unconscious and are very hard to elevate by yourself. But addressing the root cause in a safe an effective way can solve many issues.

The Elevation package has helped others to achieve:
 - Better Sleep
 - Overcome anxiety
 - Reduce Stress
 - Kickstart being Slim & Trim
 - Overcome fears or phobias
 - Build Confidence
 - Become or stay motivated
 - Performance enhancement study, work or athletic
 - Connect to your spiritual guides
 - Release trauma
 - Find your life purpose
 - Overcome addiction
 - Release fear of flying

 - Improve relationships
 - and so much more, contact me and we discuss your path to your solution

What is it that you desire?

Includes 3 x 1-1 sessions over 66 days, 60 days Positive Prime, 60 days FlowHub7 subscription.@ 850€

Level 2: 1-1 session 1,5 hrs @ 299€

Level 1: Become a Your Desired Success member and take part in one of my personally guided masterminds or masterclasses and additionally receive the live coaching/ teaching from all the other experts on the platform @ 45 AUS$ per month


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