Structure - or lack thereof

There’s structure in everything they say, well I guess almost everything. You’ve got structure for construction of big and small buildings. Even the word construction has part of structure in it. And then you find business structure, mastermind structure, conversation structure, marketing structure even down to cellular level in cell structure. In fact molecules often resemble fantastic geometry structures and forms.


So, if nature at its core is so marvellously structured how come we ever so often feel like our lives fall apart? Or we as ourselves fall apart? Shouldn’t it be that if our cells are structured in some kind of order, we as a whole should hold it together more often and be in better shape?


Which one reading this is far away from a beautiful crystalline shape of beauty, grace and awesomeness? Well, rest assured, deep down in you cells you’ve got it! Latest in your DNA strands.


They say as within so without and somewhere there seems to be a vital flaw in manifestation and communication. How can that be? Even chaos seems to be organised by some random structure. It might only repeat itself every 10 000 years but it is there.


 So, let’s take the one factor into equation that distinguishes us from the rest of nature: Mind and consciousness. And with that the structure is blown because most thoughts have no structure to follow! In best case scenario it might be a structureless pattern that repeats itself and with awareness can be changed at any given time in our lives. And a pattern is not necessarily a structure because it’s so volatile and unreliable. Structure is reliable, stable, trustworthy, meant to last, same old same old in a good way.

If structured thought would come naturally to us, I guess all coaches and therapist would become construction workers. Be that as it may and a possibility for the near future.  I’d like to shine some light onto the unorganised world of thoughts, so that we can all transform and do justice to our inner most marvellous cell structure.

What can we do when the mind is racing, consciousness is nothing but an abstract concept and nothing seems to be in order?


Well, first of all realize that this is not the truth of who you are. It’s a lie, an illusion, brainwashing, limiting belief systems, social conditioning or call it anyway you like to make you feel better. Yes, you can for a brief moment blame shift. But only a very brief moment. Good, finished, done, back to structure. See, structure doesn’t allow tantrums and unruly emotional breakouts.

And the way back to structure is back to basics. One great technique that I know of is breathing. Yes, taking in air and allowing it out your lungs again. But this time, of course, in a structured way.


Are you aware of the part of your lungs that extends down in your ribcage at the back? When was the last time those little bubbles got some air in? So go ahead and breath in deeply pushing out your belly like no one is watching and fill those lung alveoli in the back behind your ribcage with fresh air. Breath out like you blow bubbles with a straw, remember no one is watching. Repeat this a few times and see how you feel.


Another great way is to trick your conscious mind. Conscious thinking is very limited and you can simply only hold one thought in your mind at a time. Therefore, it is highly advisable to make this a constructive thought. You want to hold onto something that serves you and brings you back to the truth of who you are. Positive affirmations are great, visualisation with feeling is even better because you then really occupy your mind and consciousness. It’s actually quite easy since you can think of a pink elephant, a gorgeous meal and the next pay check with lighting speed. So think about your structured life now!


Do I hear a rebel, doubt and resistance against structured life? Are you honestly stuck in your teenage years where rebelling against the old paradigm was essential to gain needed independency so you can afford an electronic device to read this blog on? We are not a rebel without a cause, are we? One of these people that are against government structure, society structure, economy structure etc without a plan to change anything about it and no action steps to follow?


Action steps need to follow a plan which equals structure in order to be successful. Being a rebel is great, especially in today’s world. And breaking down the lies of old paradigm (I refer back to the brief moment of blame earlier) is essential for progress, freedom, expansion and evolution.


But having no structure to do this will ultimately lead to an epic failure and a long visit to a therapist or coach. Rebelling against structure when structure is our core essence means that we are basically kidding ourselves. This might impact greatly productivity, income, happiness and the difference we so want to make in the world.


Therefore, I invite you to surrender to the marvellous sacred geometry structure that is within your every cell. Align yourself inside and out with the great structure of evolution, expansion and change. Bring the inward structure into your daily life, meaning you have success habits in place, follow a beneficial physical routine, focus on your desired success, hire a good coach (there a plenty withing the YDS community incl. me) and get going. Read books, listen to inspiring people, attend masterminds, love and life in harmony with the great structures in our universe. Stop kidding yourself, procrastination is a lie, a waste of energy in a very unstructured way and you and I have a purposeful life. It’s in your very DNA.