66 Day Body-Mind Transformation
Consciousness Elevator Antje Swart 66 day body mind transformation

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Group 1
Tuesday 11, January 2022 - Thursday 17, March 2022
at 11.30am GMT+1/ 5.30am EST

Group 2
Monday 10, January 2022 -

Wednesday 16, March 2022

at 4.30 pm GMT+1/ 10.30am EST

66 Day Body-Mind Transformation

Are you unhappy with your body?

Are you ever so often "shoulding" at yourself?

Should exercise, shouldn't eat that, shouldn't do that, should be better, stronger, thinner, fitter, faster, smarter, etc.

Are you overeating occasionally or only when under stress or when you are upset?

Are you punishing yourself by not eating or rewarding yourself with food?

Are you mostly not happy with your physical appearance?

Is your inner critic telling you ever so often what is wrong with you?
Do you sometimes think it didn't work out because of the way you look or because of your gender?
Did you know that it takes 66 days to create new habits according to latest research?

Whether you feel too big, too small, looking ok but it's a constant struggle in your mind, this program will bring harmony to your body and mind.

How can there be one program for all 3 different types of people?

Too big people, too thin people and the ones who have mastered the outward appearance at the cost of constant inner struggle, have one thing in common:
They are not happy with themselves and their physical appearance.

consciousness elevator Antje Swart 66 day body mind transformation

By creating one group out of all 3 different types you have an instant disruption of your ingrained (gluten free) patterns. And over the 66 days we will shine the light of truth onto limiting or false belief systems, create more empowering habits of eating, thinking, exercising and transform each member so they can be happy within themselves.

This is not a diet course or fitness bootcamp. This is a gentle yet effective way of getting back into the flow of life. Come home to your true self. Addressing the root cause of habits in the subconscious mind brings lasting change from the inside. When you feel better you do better and just imagine how life could be when you are feeling good.

Find balance and peace within yourself, bring order into your 50-70000 thoughts per day and be happy with your body and your mind.

This program contains:

Weekly topic on video

Tracking sheet

Weekly 1 hour live mastermind (recorded for those who can't make it) which incl. group hypnosis, open discussion, Healy

Private FB group for ongoing support

Small group size

Hypnosis/ Meditation track to listen to daily

FlowHub 7 membership (2 months)

Week 1: A different kind of awareness

Week 2: Origins of subconscious programs and how to change them

Week 3: Am I following my goals or someone else's?

Week 4: Effective way for affirmations and visualization

Week 5: Chemical and emotional addictions, metabolic confusion

Week 6: Power of Yes and No

Week 7: Inner dialogue

Week 8: The different parts of your mind

Week 9: Change of identity while being true to yourself

This course is not for you:

 * if you want to quickly loose a few kg
 * if you aspire to be on the front cover of a fashion magazine

 * if you are looking to blame someone else for your current situation

 * if you are not ready to make a change

This course is for you:

 * if you finally want to have peace within yourself

 * if you are tired of jojo attempts of health and happiness

 * if you want to feel more than ok about yourself

 * if you want to live life to the fullest

 * if you want to show up as yourself and be free

 * if you are ready to take ownership and responsibility


Enrollments are still open until Sunday 16, Jnuary 2022

Time: about 20 min per day and 1 hour live mastermind per week

Money: 799€ NG Vault members and paid in full by 31 December 2021
              899€ Regular price, payment plan available

Self: Willingness to let go off what no longer serves you and take with everything that is good for you

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66 Day Body-Mind Transformation
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